Everyone has their Pumpkin Spice Lattes in hand, sweaters on, and on edge with the spookiness of Halloween approaching, but we are still having just as much fun here at Harlo Interactive. Next in our series 'Digital Goodness: 20 Questions' is Luis Cruz our Lead Developer at Harlo. Quotes below are verbatim, so enjoy hearing our [sometimes too-real] voices. At least you know they're real!

What is your favorite new work tool?

Hmmm, what to choose… , I’d say it probably is having a second monitor, definitely, makes it easier to write code in all its beauty.

What your favorite playlist on Spotify?

I have a couple but recently Spotify added a playlist called ‘mint’ that includes a really good mix of electronic music that changes often so it is always freshhh.

Best lesson your parents ever taught you?

To work really hard to reach your dreams and goals

Karaoke song?

I’m not really a singer, but maybe ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

What got you into this industry?

I always wanted to be a programmer so I went to college to get a computer science degree. From there it was just trying to figure out what kind of code I wanted to write and web development sparked my interest.

What's annoys you most?

Sloppy work and not paying attention to detail. As a developer, it is very important to make sure that you understand what you’re doing and that you’re thorough in your work. It helps to avoid having to do things twice and reduces the number of errors in your code.

What were you like in high school?

I’ve always being an introvert but I also like meeting people and spending time with friends. I already knew that I wanted to be a programmer, so I also tried learning about code as much as I could.

What does “win hearts” mean to you?

It means to be diligent in your work and inspiring others to be better than you.

What excites you most about digital?

There’s a lot of new technologies and tools that are changing the web landscape very rapidly. It’s exciting to see the Internet of Things and how that is allowing us to have access our devices remotely.

What's something that you know will always cheer you up?

Whenever I’m at the beach I always feel happy and alive.

What are you afraid of?

The dark… just kidding. I’m afraid of not keep pushing myself to learn more and be the best version of myself I can be.

What inspires you most about what you do at Harlo?

What inspires the most is our work. It is always exciting when we start a project. And it’s a great reward when it’s all done and our clients really appreciate the work we’ve done for them.

One thing you need to do before you die?

Travel more and hopefully have kids

Favorite movie?

Ahh, there’s so many, but one of them is Nacho Libre.

If a documentary was made about your life, what actor/actress would you want to play you?

Johnny Depp, hands down

You go to jail... What for?

Hmm… playing loud music and disturbing the peace

Do you play any instruments? If so what?

Yes, I actually play many instruments. I played with a local Latin Band for many years. I learned to play drums when I was very young, then I took guitar lessons and after high school, I wanted to get a music minor so I took a bunch of piano and singing courses.

How do you think VR will affect our industry in the coming years? Should we be concerned?

I think so. It seems like all our interactions are converging to augmented reality. VR complements that really well and I can see websites taking advantage of that to let you experience something as if you were there physically.

What qualities and skills should a good website developer have?

There’s many, being a good developer requires having a good all-around skill set. I would say some of the top ones are:

  • Being open to learning and receiving feedback
  • Being consistent with your code and following good habits
  • Fully understand what the project is BEFORE you write any code
  • Being able to effectively communicate with others
  • Feel comfortable working in a team environment
  • And last but not least, to love writing code and enjoy taking challenges

Best place you’ve traveled?

Mexico will always have a special place, but I really enjoyed visiting Puerto Rico, it is a beautiful place with a rich history and culture. On that note, if there’s anything you can do to donate or help please do it, Puerto Rico needs help!

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