Sure, the crisp air of fall have rolled in, leaves are falling and the sun has said goodbye for now. Most of us want to cuddle up with a pumpkin spice latte, a cat,  and binge watch Netflix. Not us, here at Harlo we are still having just as much fun here without the sun. Next in our series 'Digital Goodness: 20 Questions' is  Rae Owen-Wolking our Managing Director of the San Francisco office. Quotes below are verbatim, so enjoy hearing our [sometimes too-real] voices. At least you know they're real!

What qualities and skills should a good graphic designer have?

Ha! I’m the least qualified person at Harlo to answer that question so… A graphic designer should have skills I don’t have… I guess I’d say that problem solving is critical - to not just be an “order taker”. Finding a balance between visually interesting work, and work that does its job of getting users from point A to point B.

How do you like your pizza?

Paper thin crust, either full veggie or prosciutto, and mozz. If it’s classic Pizza Hut cheapie pizza, it's gonna be artichoke hearts, pineapple, chicken and sundried tomato.

You work in an industry that moves fast, how do you stay informed on new trends and technologies?

I’ve actually heard this question a lot lately... It’s easier than it sounds - you pick up industry trends because you’re constantly reading about marketing, advertising, and my clients’ competitors, it’s a huge part the job. If you’re looking for a go-to recco though, check out The Daily Carnage.

The first thing you’d do/buy if you won the lottery?

I don’t play the lotto unless it gets into the 9-figure range, but if I won, I guess I’d quit my job (Sorry guys!). My first purely selfish purchase… would be an early-80’s Jeep Wagoneer. I can’t fit that baby in my garage but I’m pretty desperate for one anyways.

Biggest fear?

Being boring. Call me anything else.

A favorite digital tool you find most helpful?


Also - Instagram is a big one. It helps us spot trends - both cultural and artistic - right as they’re emerging.

Favorite childhood memory?

My dad passed a few years ago, so those memories with him doing adventure stuff holds a big part of my heart. He taught me how to ride a motorcycle in the parking lot of my elementary school when I was maybe 8 years old. That’s a fond one for sure.

You had to lose one sense, what would it be?

I already have a terrible sense of smell, so… smell.

Tell me something about your last job, other than money, that would have inspired you to keep working there.

My last job was another small agency here in the city, and I think that experience validated my love for working in small creative groups versus bigger, more political teams. I was lucky to work for and with some really amazing people that really believed in me. It sounds cheesy but that last job really gave me a lot of confidence to trust my instincts.

Favorite movie?

“Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” It’s the Coen Brothers! It’s a musical! It’s The Odyssey! It’s George Clooney! It’s T Bone Burnett! Literally the best combination ever.

How do you get through a creative block?

I read fiction, and I read A LOT. It lets my brain take a break from producing on its own and lets my imagination take the wheel.

If you had been a child prodigy, in which area would you have highlighted?

Can I be an Olsen twin? Or Victoria Beckham? Someone who started off as a bit of a giggle then evolved into a powerhouse later in life.

Favorite Actor & Actress?

Hmmm… Aziz Ansari is my #1 right now. Love that dude. He may not be the best actor but I want to hang out with him so bad. Ryan Gosling is a babe and picks great projects to work on. Same with Jennifer Lawrence.

Favorite web browser? Why?

Chrome. It’s the only one I use, and the only one everyone else uses.

What your favorite playlist on Spotify?

I don’t use Spotify - I’m an Apple Music lady. Their curated playlists are great, but my go-to is one created by one of my best friends, Britt. She’s my Cool Friend and adds to it all the time so I also know what’s cool at any given moment.

What is your favorite book?

I read a lot, so that's really hard. I can’t pick an all-time favorite, but my favorite that I recently read is “Shrill” by Lindy West. It’s hilarious, educational and inspiring. Go read it! Seriously.

Do you play any instruments? If so what?

I wish, but it’s a hard “Nope” here. I played drums for a minute in middle school and stopped for good reason… pretty much end of story.

Favorite time of year?

I love Summer so much, but I also love Christmas. Gift Giving is one of my strongest love languages.

What's something you do every day you couldn't live without?

Oh God, Brushing my teeth. I’m a freak about it.

You go to jail... What for?

Um…. (nervous laugh). I’m always about two tequila shots away from a bar fight. That sounds violent though!  So let’s say… speeding. Wink.

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