Portland, Oregon, a town known for strong coffee, a bevy of breweries, wacky citizens and website design?

It might sound strange, but it’s true. Portland has always been known as a creative city and web design is just another example of our innovative spirit. From Nike to Stumptown, naked bike rides to Voodoo Donuts, the city is a bit peculiar. But, it’s also that unique way of life that has developed some of the best design talent in the United States.

From graphic designers to web developers, Portland is home to some of the smartest and most creative thinkers around. Companies and agencies large and small produce amazing work everyday, much of it inspired by the place that they live. Whether it’s a midday trip to a surprising delicious food cart, or an idea that pops into your head as you bike to work, in Portland we just think a little differently.

At Harlo Interactive, we try and approach all of our work with a Portland web design mentality. Whether we’re talking about mobile friendly design, digital marketing, content strategies or branding, we like to take a step outside the box in our attempts to win hearts for our clients.

For example, say we’re working on a new website for a client. It’s not uncommon for them to say something along these lines.

“We need a site that is responsive, easy to use and functional. BUT, it also has to wow our users. We want BIG ideas!”

That’s great! We love working with big ideas, and responsive design is right in our wheelhouse. However, making all those pieces fit together takes some creativity. Not every problem our clients have can be solved with standard plugins and templates, which means it’s time for us to flex that creativity we’re always talking about. That’s when the magic happens.

We’re not the only web design agency in Portland creating amazing projects for our clients, but we like to think our approach and output is as unique and exciting as the city we live in. There are dozens of creative agencies here in town that know how to execute web design and development, but only a handful of them have the same commitment to high quality, innovative page design that Harlo has.

What’s incredible though, is the amount of inspiration and motivation we get from working alongside those other web design agencies. Not only do they push us to be better, work harder and provide more to our clients, but they also inspire us to push ourselves creatively. I’m sure you’ve experienced the feeling of creative envy before, when you see something and wish you’d done it. Well, the amount of creativity and talent in Portland makes us feel it almost every day, and it keeps us on our toes.

That’s a large part of what keeps Portland on the cutting edge of website design, and why this city thrives as a hub of technology, creativity and innovation. The people that live and work here constantly push each other to do better and work harder. From the network of afterwork events and meetups, to the community of artists we’re so proud to be a part of, the opportunities to meet and discuss your industry, passions and creative outlets in Portland are countless.

The creative opportunities in Portland are one reason why we encourage our team to pursue their passions beyond work. Whether it’s web developers that make music, or a creative director who loves to get behind the camera on weekends, everyone has that spark to create and continue to learn. Here in Portland creativity isn’t just a part of our job, it’s what we do.

In the end however, Portland web design is all about making something that works, that achieves the client’s goals and helps their business. I guess that fits in with Portland’s motto as well. No, not the “Keep Portland Weird” bumper stickers you see around, though that does play a special role as well. It’s the motto “The City That Works” that really captures why Portland is so great at getting results. We understand the need for things to make sense, for websites that work for every user in every situation, the benefits of smart and beautiful design, and the way creativity can make it all happen.

Portland is a city of design, a city of creativity, and a city of innovation. It’s why we love to call it home, and why we believe it’s the best place to be a website design agency in the entire country. Everyday we’re inspired by what we see and who we meet, and we hope our own work gives those around us the same feelings. Dream big. Always be original. Win hearts.

If you want to know more about our creative digital services feel free to contact us here: winhearts@harlointeractive.com