If you’re planning to build an online business and have yet to select an eCommerce solution, you may want to consider using Shopify’s hosted eCommerce solution.

First, let's begin by understanding the difference between a hosted and non-hosted solution. In case you’re unfamiliar with these terms, a “non-hosted” solution is a pre-built piece of software, packaged for you to download, setup on a server, and configure. A “hosted” solution, on the other hand, is a "software as a service" (SaaS) model that allows you to operate the software on a recurring subscription basis without the need to host or manage the software yourself.

Whether to choose a hosted over non-hosted solution depends on the needs and requirements of the online business you are planning to build. Merchants who choose Shopify's hosted solution do so for the convenience of set-up, access to ongoing feature improvements, security features, and exceptional customer support. Selecting a non-hosted solution requires hiring a development team, setting up a secured server, quality assurance testing, and ongoing development for feature improvements. Building a non-hosted eCommerce website from the ground up requires expertise, time and money.

Making a decision on a hosted or non-hosted platform can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Identifying the business needs and technical specifications your eCommerce website requires will provide you the detail required to make a decision. Once you have identified the business drivers and technical specifications you will be more informed and equipped to make a logical decision. We understand Shopify's hosted eCommerce platform is not for every project, however, if you are considering Shopify, here are 5 reasons why we feel it's a great idea!

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Shopify for Your eCommerce Store:

  1. Easy To Use
    What sets Shopify apart is their focus on keeping their tools simple while still giving the merchant the functionality needed to manage an eCommerce store. Ease of use is important for merchants who are not technically savvy, but want the necessary tools and documentation to set-up their own store.
  2. Security Included
    Security is an important factor for an eCommerce store. Shopify provides secure hosting which includes a free SSL certificate and secure shopping cart for customers to make secure transactions online. Merchants have the option to use almost any payment gateway, but also offers Stripe as a payment gateway of choice. Stripe has become one of the leaders in payment gateway systems by providing flexible, easy-to-use tools for internet commerce. Shopify makes it easy for merchants by offering the security features required for setting up an eCommerce website.
  3. Complete Design Control
    Most hosted eCommerce platforms offer some ability to edit their template designs, but this feature is often restricted limiting designers by forcing them to work within the constraints of the prebuilt template. Shopify has built their theme templating engine on a system which provides flexibility for interface improvements. Shopify's templating engine is great to work with, as it offers designers and developers a range of options over other hosted eCommerce platforms in the marketplace.
  4. Large Development Community
    Shopify has the largest community of developers building applications that can be purchased and used for customizing your Shopify store. If you can’t find a feature within Shopify's platform, chances are it's available in their app store. If you require custom functionality, Shopify's development community makes it easy to achieve desired functionality with custom applications.
  5. Outstanding Customer Support
    An important factor to selecting a hosted eCommerce partner is the level of customer support they offer. Shopify provides excellent customer support to their trusted partners and merchants. While other hosted platforms also offer support, the level of service varies significantly. With Shopify, we’ve never been on hold for more than a couple minutes. Shopify also provides documentation with video tutorials and easy to follow guides for understanding how their platform works.
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