Wordpress is the most widely used platform for developing and maintaining websites worldwide. With nearly 60% market share when compared to similar content management systems, Wordpress is the leader for website development. Its nearest competitor is Joomla, which has a market share of 7%.

Wordpress is the leader because it’s free, easy to setup, manage, and maintain. Through the years, we’ve worked with just about every CMS (content management system) in the market and have discovered Wordpress offers the best features for its users. We like it because in most cases our clients have heard of it and find it easy to use for managing their website content.

One feature that makes Wordpress attractive is its library of 3rd party plugins. If you’re unfamiliar with this term, plugins are pre built modules that provide specific features you can add to your Wordpress platform to perform key functions. The standard Wordpress installation is a lightweight package, offering only core website capabilities and allowing developers the ability to add additional features as needed, improving site speed.

The Wordpress CMS platform is open source, which means its code is publicly published and free to use. This is the biggest factor in making it the most popular platform for website design and development. Open source platforms allow for the crowdsourcing of 3rd party developers to constantly test and improve the core code as well as to develop new and useful plugin packages for achieving a wider range of functionality. In the Wordpress open source environment, if there’s a feature you want to add to your website, the chances are you can find it in the plugin marketplace.

Wordpress has also managed to bridge the gap between advanced website developers and novice content publishers with little or no coding experience. What I mean by this is that Wordpress can help you achieve your goals at any level of expertise. If you just want to launch a simple website you don’t have to be a website developer. Wordpress allows you to create and manage simple websites without ever having to look at a single line of code.

For the more experienced developers, Wordpress is a solid platform for creating advanced websites. It offers a large library of code functions and helpers that allow developers to get the job done without having to re-invent the wheel. No matter what your level of coding experience, Wordpress will allow you to simply get your feet wet, or to dive deeply into its inner-workings and create something truly fantastic.

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