Audi - Case Study
Audi - Branding

Harlo Helped Audi Actually Deliver

Audi of America came to us with a request to produce a video showcasing and promoting the concierge component of the Audi on demand service ahead of its pilot-program launch in the Bay Area. The video needed to be long enough to be educational yet short enough to use in future promotional efforts, and had to convey the full luxury experience that drivers have come to associate with the Audi brand.


  • Creative Direction & Design
  • Copywriting
  • Story Boards
  • Video Production

Our team produced a 30 and 15-second edit from start to finish. We observed users interacting with the Audi on demand app and mapped out our story arc to showcase the use flow most efficiently. From there, we wrote scripts, scouted locations, secured permits and hired talent for the shoot, and proceeded to edit our footage into two video cuts that clearly communicate the service's unique value, high-end experience, and overall quality that Audi delivers at every turn.