Baskin Robbins at Home Digital Case Study

Baskin-Robbins® At Home - Baskin The Glory

Swipe right for flavor: Baskin-Robbins(R) at Home's new website

Harlo has been a longtime partner for Baskin-Robbins(R) at Home, and as we mapped out our initiatives for 2017, our teams agreed that it was time for a website refresh. Initially, this project began as a conversation about improving our legacy product finder and making pixel-level updates to user interface design.

As we began our assessment, it became obvious that a redesign was the best approach to accommodate new content and needs. New technology and content needs inspired us to rethink the web experience to make it a more modern, exciting destination that fits in with mobile-focused user needs. Functionally, we built the site to flexibly accommodate advertising campaign destinations (check out our #Sandwiching launch page for our Summer campaign!), coupons and special offers, and ongoing news.

Ultimately, the new website brings an enormous amount of energy and life to the user experience, while delivering best-in-class Product Finder technology with our partners at Destini. Our mobile-first approach to touch-sensitive navigation - swipes, taps, and drags - is intuitive for mobile app users and helps communicate the “Fun” promise that Baskin-Robbins' brand is all about.

Modernize this puppy.
• We're adding UX features and modern interactions to make this a top tier experience.
• Improve the product finder.
• Build in the new sandwich product line.
• Create campaign destinations.
• You'll get a slick place to host the #sandwiching campaign as well as future campaigns.


  • Web Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • UX / UI Strategy
  • Branding
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Development
  • Analytics & Optimization
Baskin Robbins at Home Responsive Web Design

The new UX features and modern interactions make this a top tier experience that helps move the brand forward, especially among our growing mobile audience.