Daimler - Digital Shop Class

Daimler - Digital Shop Class

Daimler's Truck Techs Website

Daimler Trucks North America, the nation's leading medium- and heavy-duty truck manufacturer, selected Harlo to design and develop a new website to promote awareness and create interest of educational programs available in the diesel technician industry. As the next generation workforce loses awareness of the diesel industry, there is a growing shortage of technicians to service truck fleets. Truck Techs.com was made to change that growing shortage by serving as a knowledge base and job opportunity resource center for the industry.

The Truck Techs website strategy included brand definition, content creation, and a custom visual design for developing a digital experience that was relatable and easy to use for aspiring technicians seeking new career opportunities. The website shares the benefits associated with being a diesel technician and directs interested visitors to their choice of educational and career programs available in the diesel industry.


  • Logo Development
  • Web Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Content Management Systems
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Development
  • UX / UI Strategy
  • Analytics & Optimization

We built Daimler's Truck Techs website from the ground up, and their new digital presence is now an educational resource for aspiring technicians. It showcases diesel as a great career choice and directs users to their choice of educational and career programs, ultimately helping ensure a healthy future for the diesel industry.


The Get Ahead Program has grown from 9 schools prior to the website launch to serving 101 schools today, with over 150 instructors and 1,400 students participating in DTNA's online training. The Careers Program has since had 99 dealers and distributor post over 1,500 jobs, and over 400 technicians have joined the talent network by submitting their information to be contacted with job opportunities.




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"The website frequently draws complements for design and ease-of-use. It has been really easy for our customers to interact with, and I think it's played a big part in the programs' rapid popularity. So, I'm super happy with it."
Dragan Brocilo, Service Training Programs & Marketing Manager, Daimler Trucks North America