Fetzer Summer Camp Case Study

Fetzer - Summer Camp

A Wine Experience for Conscientious Millenials

As part of our longstanding social media support for Fetzer Vineyards, we have worked to create seasonal content that echoes the brand's ties to sustainability, preserving nature, and the winery's rich California heritage.

Our audience research of wine drinkers in their late 20's and early 30's told us that this group was increasingly seeking outdoor experiences as a respite from their screen-filled urban lifestyles, and subsequently they were fueling the rise of the Glamping trend. We knew that Fetzer wines have a place in that conversation, and so our team set out on a camping trip along the California coast to capture images of Fetzer wines that would showcase the wine's ties to the local region.


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Socializing the Camp

We aimed to create an Instagram-worthy library of images that would stir a sense of adventure and accessibility, and appeal to our audience as a visual vacation in their News feed. We designed each image to utilize white space to reference both Polaroid pictures and traditional post cards, and added a handwritten element that tied the wine and image into a cohesive message.

Fetzer Social Campaign

Our "Summer Camp" series reached over 250K users on Facebook and Instagram, and garnered an impressive $0.04 Cost per Engagement – we were just as thrilled with the results as we were with the BBQ!