F'Real Shakeup

F'real - Shakeup

F'real and Harlo Team Up to Make Milkshakes Even More of a Good Idea

F'real foods makes delicious, freshly-blended milkshakes and smoothies that are available at convenience stores throughout the country. In 2014, f'real came to us to with a request to revitalize their social media presence. With a core demographic of 16-24 year olds, the f'real team knew they couldn't afford to ignore their social media content and media strategy any longer. Harlo's social team went to work to create real, engaging content that felt authentic to the college-age audience we needed to engage with.


  • Campaign Development
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Content Design & Publishing
  • Paid Social Campaign Management
  • Content Promotion
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Platform Development

As we fine-tuned our content strategy and started seeing spikes in engagement rates, the f'real team challenged us to develop a campaign that would drive awareness for their brand and amplify sales in the critical Summer months at Maverik c-stores.

Throughout our digital media efforts, we became very familiar with the f'real brand, and in late 2015, f'real requested that Harlo help to create an overarching brand campaign that would guide all creative messaging and content across online and offline channels.

Our goal was to understand the unique attributes of f'real's brand, its role in the marketplace, and the people that we are communicating with to build a framework for our brand communication strategy. This approach resulted in a set of Strategic Filters and a Marketing Platform built on brand "truths", which was expressed as the "Get Blended" Brand Platform. This Brand Platform was designed to communicate the f'real brand proposition creatively to their most valuable audience in culturally relevant ways.

Over the course of our relationship with f'real, the Brand Platform has been refined and modified and continues to influence all customer-facing communication touch-points.

Freal Brand

Our team developed a sophisticated digital media strategy which was designed to generate cost-efficient impressions and measurable ROI through the offer of a digital coupon. We surrounded our primary audience in Boise and Salt Lake City across mobile social channels, and augmented the digital media efforts with Out of Home elements at Maverik's locations in the two regions. We were able to measure the success of the campaign through a combination of tracking tags, coupon redemptions, and POS sales data.

Ultimately, we drove over 36K clicks and 4,000 coupon redemptions within the eight-week campaign timeframe, and our key takeaways formed the foundation of our 2016 digital media approach.

In 2016, we expanded our testing approach to determine the impact of digital media. We designated sets of similar regional markets as our test and control markets, and produced a 12-week digital media program to reach our audience within the test markets. Overall, we reached approximately 500MM users in 331 markets in the US. We found that combining digital with Out of Home support drove a promising incremental gains.