La Tortilla Factory - #AbuelitaIsUnimpressed


La Tortilla Factory recently re-launched their best-selling line of Hand Made Style tortillas. “HMS” tortillas are known for their wholesome ingredients and their delicious flexibility - which rivals even the best homemade tortillas! La Tortilla Factory recruited Harlo to concept, produce, and distribute their first-ever digital ad campaign to reach organic-minded shoppers on a national scale.

Our concept was centered on the idea of matriarchal pride - Nearly all of us have an “Abuelita” in our lives that is skeptical of store-bought-anything, and stubbornly opposes life choices that go against her idea of “tradition”. In her world, tortillas should truly be hand-made. The humor of playing into this stereotype lies in the fact that “Abuelita” is universal; the pressure we feel to live up to our grandparents’ standards is offset by the respect we have for them, even if we end up making choices they don’t fully support.


  • Marketing & Campaign Strategy
  • Campaign Concepting
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Media Management
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Script Writing


We scripted a series of 5 spots, each following a Setup / Hook / Punch format. Casting, location scouting, and crew assignments led to a 2-day shoot for the narrative scenes and a third day of shooting with a food stylist to ensure product imagery was truly mouthwatering. Editing led to five 0:30sec spots, as well as a library of still photography that was used in the microsite and custom “meme-maker” tool that our team built as part of our engagement campaign.

La Tortilla Ad Campaign Full Page Web Design Example
La Tortilla Ad Campaign Mobile Website Design
La Tortilla Ad Campaign Mobile Website Design
La Tortilla Ad Campaign Mobile Website Design


Our media campaign launched in late July across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pre-roll placements, targeting our core shopper demographic in key product distribution regions. In addition to the microsite and video spots, we built out a digital coupon program in partnership with Inmar, and incorporated a Sweepstakes to drive user-generated content and engagement across our social platforms.

La Tortilla Factory Ad Campaign Image Example

The campaign is in its final week (as of Sept. 14th), although to-date has generated over 1 Million video views (averaging 22 second view times on Facebook/Instagram and full-length views on YouTube via TrueView), reaching over 500K unique users, and all at a hugely cost-efficient CPE of $0.03.