Nordic Semiconductor Digital Case Study

Nordic Semiconductor - IoT Within Reach

Interface Design for Web Application Brings the Internet of Things to Your Desktop

nRF Cloud, a new web application from Nordic Semiconductor, the world's leading manufacturer of low-power Bluetooth chips, seeks to make the Internet of Things available to entrepreneurs and innovators. Once only accessible to those with specialized coding knowledge and the resources to work with high-tech manufacturers, Nordic is on a mission to make customizable IoT tools available to everyone. With the release of the innovative Nordic Thingy:52 programmable development kit, Nordic is paving the way for non-engineers to easily create prototypes for connected home solutions and smart objects through an easy-to-use web interface.

While Nordic's global team of engineers were working to bring this ground-breaking hardware and accompanying web app to market, they needed a creative team at the table to provide a strong user experience perspective and to help shape the user interface design from the ground up. Harlo was deeply engaged in early web app concepting, providing extensive screen-by-screen user flows, wireframes, approachable user interface design and ongoing design support throughout an agile software development process. We also introduced the concept of a marketing site and provided custom photography to give this new platform a more visible web presence. With the exact features and functionality of the app in flux, Harlo was able to deliver abstract thinking as well as a concrete yet flexible UI foundation that would allow this product to be brought to market in a timely and scalable way.


  • Web Design
  • Web Application Design
  • UX Strategy
  • UI Design
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction
  • Photography
Nordic Semiconductor Internet of Things Project Setup
Nordic Semiconductor Web Design
Nordic Semiconductor Internet of Things Device

Nordic's successful launch of the Thingy:52 and beta nRF Cloud web app is bringing a powerful cloud-based platform to a new class of IoT entrepreneurs, unlocking new opportunities previously out of reach. By putting the user first and ensuring that new users can engage the nRF Cloud app without feeling intimidated, Harlo is helping this new class graduate from idea-makers to prototype-builders.