Northwest Community Credit Union Case Study
Northwest Community Credit Union - Branding

Responsive Web Design for a Members-First
Credit Union

Northwest Community Credit Union prides itself on being different—the level of attentive customer care and their independent, member-owned model of banking set them apart from big banks. In order to fully deliver on their member-centric promise, the team at NWCU realized that their marketing website needed to evolve into the future.

Harlo worked closely with the NWCU marketing team to find a streamlined approach to their product offerings and lend a friendly voice to an industry that is often just about numbers. NWCU’s brand also came to life through the website, placing their values front and center.

From website architecture to copywriting to design, the goal was to create transparency, clarity, and utility, with a relentless focus on creating content and user experiences that provide real value for their members.


NWCU Responsive Web Design
NWCU Waterfall Screenshot
NWCU Mobile Designs
NWCU Mobile Designs
NWCU Mobile Designs

The site is a reminder to NWCU members that their bank is a trusted financial partner committed to solving their problems. NWCU knows banking isn’t just about money, it’s about making dreams come true and building a better future, and their website now provides a foundation to make it happen.