Optimize Tech e-commerce Digital Case Study
Optimize Tech e-commerce - Branding

Optimize Technologies Has a New Hosted e-commerce Platform

Optimize Technologies supplies precision parts for high-pressure liquid chromatography lab equipment, serving the medical, research and pharmaceutical industries. Harlo Interactive has been a long-time creative digital partner, designing and developing the company’s first e-commerce site, so it was no surprise when they turned to us for an update.

The e-commerce landscape had changed since their first site and The new e-commerce website was no easy task. We migrated 800+ products to BigCommerce’s hosted e-commerce platform, customized front-end theme files to meet the design requirements of the project and provided segmented pricing for direct and wholesale consumers.


Optmize Technologies - Devices

Harlo engaged in a full usability and design audit to better understand the unique needs of Optimize Tech’s customer base and how they interact with a complex product set. We optimized the front-end user experience by restructuring product categories, improving the ability to quickly locate products and redesigning product pages to encourage conversions., creating the perfect e-commerce experience for everyone involved.


The new site positions Optimize Tech to improve their online sales, and to continue to evolve their digital marketplace as their industry and offerings change in the coming years. Front end changes were designed to increase conversions, while customization on the backend provided solutions to simplify site administration. Together it is a sleek hosted platform fit for the modern e-commerce landscape.