Shapiro - Case Study

The Beginning of a New Era

To commemorate Shapiro Didway's 15th year in business Harlo teamed up with the leaders at SD and their brand agency Studio DAD to create a website that told the story of who they are, their beliefs, and their work in landscape architecture. Studio DAD worked closely with Harlo designers in translating the brand into a visual digital experience that aligned with project goals and objectives.

Shapiro Desktop Website Screenshot

Make an environment an experience

The visual design utilizes white space to create an open feel and drives focus to the brand content and subtle calls to action. The tiled photography is offset throughout the site to create curiosity and also get away from the typical grid vibe most sites follow. Brand patterns were also used to complement the overall design layout. On-page transitions are used to create a bit of movement and slowly load content for users as they browse from page to page to discover the people and work of Shapiro Didway.

Shapiro Desktop Website Screenshot
shapiro education screen