Treat - Case Study

TREAT Yourself to Wellness

Created by the team at XpresSpa, Treat™ is an innovative travel health and wellness brand dedicated to transforming the way people access care. Membership, via the mobile app, provides unlimited 24/7 access to on-demand virtual care, while an expanding fleet of in-airport wellness centers offer travelers everything from Covid-19 Rapid PCR testing and anxiety care to reserving private rooms for yoga or meditation sessions.

Services Provided

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Shopify Plus
  • UX/UI Strategy
Treat Desktop Website Screenshto

Shopfy Plus Build

As part of a successful brand launch, we designed and developed an end-to-end headless commerce experience utilizing Shopify Plus and Umbraco CMS.

Through Shopify’s APIs, we deployed an online store decoupled from the admin that powers products and collections, user accounts, discounts, checkout, brick-and-mortar point-of-sale, and much more.

Treat Desktop Website Screenshot