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We are a fun experienced team of creative strategists disciplined in brand, digital, and design.

Small Team Big Work

Behind every project is our team of strategists, designers, developers and producers. We don't take ourselves too seriously and we do our best to be responsive, friendly and genuinely authentic with people we collaborate with in business.

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Danny Decker

Founder / Creative Director

Discover that thing in life that fuels your passion, immerse yourself in it full force and don't stop until the wheels fall off.

Danny Decker is the Founder, Creative Director and energetic leader of Harlo. More than that, he’s a happy-go-lucky guy who believes that you should always take care of the people who take care of you, in life and in business. Most of all, Danny brings the spirit and strategy we need to drive our creative work above and beyond expectations.

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Luis Cruz

Partner / Senior Engineer

It's more than just ones and zeros.

Luis is the voice of reason at Harlo. More specifically, he is a Partner, Lead Developer, and expert in getting clients the results they’re looking for. In addition to providing leadership and the occasional pulls back to reality, Luis oversees all digital projects and manages Harlo's development team in their execution of the creative projects we’re known for.

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Alex Lublink

Senior Designer

Most people imitate instead of innovate.

Alex is our detail-oriented team player that thrives off of complex creative problem-solving and organization. At Harlo, she tackles projects head on through research, innovation, strategy, and ideation, all while building solid client foundations in the process. With her keen focus on exceeding client expectations and radical design approaches, success is unstoppable.

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Rama Olson


The secret to success is giving even the smallest
task your best effort.

Rama is the man to call for whatever you need. A Web Developer at Harlo, he began his career during the early wave of eCommerce and now leads Harlo's maintenance department, working directly with clients for website improvements and implementing innovative features. Rama knows what it takes for clients to succeed, and makes sure Harlo can provide it.

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Lola Cruz

Client Relations

Take care of the people who take care of you and
you will always get extra treats.

Lola is the all in one employee every office needs. Equal parts, sun-bather, vacuum cleaner, receptionist, and Chief Cuddle Officer, Lola keeps our spirits high whenever Luis brings her in. When she’s not busy snoring in the sun or giving puppy dog eyes to our lunches, Lola follows in the footsteps of her Ma and Pa chasing squirrels and going wherever her nose takes her.

Work at Harlo

We are always on the look out for hungry, hardworking people seeking to bring their talents to our team.

Beanies, plaids, and tats not required.

Please send your resume to: careers@harlointeractive.com