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We come to work every day to create fresh ideas that connect brands with their audiences in ways that inspire meaningful relationships and results.

We take pride in our work, our process and our relationships – both with each other and with our clients.

From Portland to San Francisco
meet the team behind Harlo.

Danny Decker

"Relationships matter in our line of work."

Danny Decker is the Founder and Creative Director at Harlo. Danny enjoys meeting people and being a part of the creative work we provide clients daily. He's best described as a happy-go-lucky who is easy to work with and believes you should always take care of the people who take care of you in life and business.

Danny Decker

"Design is best acheived when smart meets simple."

Stephen Leineweber is Associate Creative Director at Harlo. The creative lead at Harlo, Stephen brings the visual punch to all design projects, hitting at the heart of business goals and objectives. Stephen applies his foundation in branding, print and package design to his passion for interactive design and the reach of digital media to create omnichannel experiences.

Danny Decker

"If you stay ready, you never have to get ready."

Rae is the Managing Director of the San Francisco office, and is in love with the chase of new ideas, trends and technology that allow us to break ground in each project we take on. She takes pride in creating an atmosphere where creative energy, productivity, and – ultimately – results thrive.

Danny Decker

"Keep It Simple."

Michael Manny is the Creative Director at Harlo, and is an idea generator who also loves to make beautiful digital design. He has led the creative process for everything from websites and advertising to mobile apps and social media campaigns. His philosophy: People can love your brand.

Danny Decker

"Let the humans do it."

Katherine Bovee is Senior Digital Producer at Harlo. Katherine takes a strategic and hands-on approach to leading projects from concept to production. She is passionate about innovative digital design, seamless user experience, and most importantly, getting the job done with an amazing team and great clients.

Danny Decker

"It's more than just ones and zeros."

Luis is Lead Developer at Harlo, where he has led projects for Boeing and Daimler. He brings a thoughtful, methodical approach to eCommerce, web application and responsive websites.

Danny Decker

"Advice for your teammates? Win."

Shayne is a Developer at Harlo, specializing in Wordpress websites, custom software applications and eComemerce, Shayne supports Harlo’s lead developer with solutions, providing both front-end and back-end development. Shayne is a natural problem solver who enjoys the process for finding practical digital solutions that are dependable for Harlo’s clients.

Danny Decker

"Designed in California... To think different."

René Ramos is the Media & Publishing Coordinator at Harlo. René takes industry insights and injects them into content and media strategies for brands. She takes pride in staying informed of emerging trends and the next big thing.

Danny Decker

"The secret to success is giving even the smallest task your best effort."

Rama Olson is a Web Developer at Harlo. Rama got his start in eCommerce during the late 90s just as it was evolving into the internet. Rama leads Harlo’s maintenance department, working directly with clients for website improvements and new features. He specializes in website development and customer relations providing both excellent customer service and digital solutions to Harlo’s clients.


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